• Michelle C

Finding a Church Home

I'd like to start by saying that I do not consider myself an author or an influencer. I actual work in the tech field at a software company. I'm usually more comfortable behind the scenes. I have a loving family, a small group of supportive friends, and a few more pets than I'd like to mention. Pretty average I think.

How did I find my way here, writing the first post for my church blog?

I've found a church service that I love, where I feel comfortable to grow and experience my faith. When I first started attending Sunday service at the Upper Room, I didn't even realize that I needed a new church home.

It's hard to explain how good it feels to find a faith community where I really fit, and beyond that where my presence makes a difference. The Upper Room LB is a small growing community. This nondenominational church is very inviting, everyone is welcome and appreciated.

I'm committing my time and talents to help my church grow. Service is a big part of my faith now. Working along side an awesome group of people, I am uplifted everyday. I've truly found a church that feels like home.